Inspiration (complete)

Adoption stories can be found all over, but the main impetus for The Current Initiative came from the story of Moses and Pharoah's daughter! Moses' birth mother used "the current" of the Nile to guide his basket to a life of provision for her child. This act of love in turn blessed her as well! Exodus 2, 1-10

Establishment (complete)

The Current Initiative was formed and obtained it's 501c3 charity tax designation in late 2021. We have been building and began active operations in 2022!

Branding (complete)

"The Current" - Water sustains life. A current can be a subtle movement that shapes a landscape over time. It can also be a powerful force able to move great objects around the world. "Initiative" - An act or strategy intended to resolve a difficulty or improve a situation; a fresh approach to something. Our logo is designed to show the subtle but powerful force of life-sustaining water guiding precious life where it needs to go.

Fundraising (ongoing)

The Current initiative raises funds from two (2) distinct sources for same goal of uniting children and orphans with forever families! Individual donors drive our regular giving to families in need, while our corporate / charitible / grant-based donors supply our emergency giving, new programs and any operational expenses needed.

Gifting Partners (ongoing)

We work with Adoption industry partners (agencies, attorneys, faith groups, etc.) to identify true need. These partners have already vetted and can verify financial hardships in adoption, and in turn we can be sure that YOUR gift is going where it needs to go! Continually cultivating these relationships are vital to our Mission's success.

$$$ Distribution (upcoming)

The typical gift distribution will be in the $500 to $3000 range. However, some needs may be small while others could be $5000+! We are starting in Q1 2023 as we grow our reach!

Future Projects (upcoming)

Beyond our current giving funds, we are hoping to develop targeted funds specifically for foster adoption, newborn/infant adoption and adolescent/teen adoption. Further goals include providing housing for NICU adoptions and Birth Mother support programs. We are excited to see where God leads us next!